Mother’s Day Gift Guide: At-home Edition

An extended shelter-in-place order means that mom’s most-wanted items may have changed a bit. A lack of leisurely activities, parties, and dinners means fashion items are out of the question. Likewise, your original ideas to take her on a trip are beyond reach. The good thing is, ordering online and having things sent to mom for Mother’s Day is easier than ever before. 

Here are some gift ideas that will help this quarantine Mother’s Day feel like the most special Mother’s Day yet. Even from a distance, mom will feel that love. 


Food delivery 

Due to shelter-in-place, mama might’ve been having to cook a lot more than usual. Give her a day or night off from cooking with credits to a food delivery service available in her area! DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, Caviar, and more are just some examples of food delivery apps to check out. Or, as the perfect child you are, you can deliver her favorite food to her as a special surprise! It might take some coordinating to make sure she’s home and isn’t cooking anything, but it’ll be worth it!

Self-cleaning water bottle

mother's day gift guide - self-cleaning water bottle - personalized engraving on LARQ Bottle

Overall health and wellness start with what you put into your body. The LARQ Bottle uses PureVis™ UV-C light to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses from the water and bottle. It also intelligently activates every 2 hours to maintain cleanliness, stopping bacteria before they have the chance to grow–one thing mom won’t have to worry about! This self-cleaning mode triggers a glowing blue light on the exterior of the bottle, a neat reminder for mom to hydrate. Plus, she’ll think of you every time she takes a sip. 

Facial steamer 

Is your mom missing her spa days? If she’s a beauty buff, she’ll really appreciate this gem. It’s a splurge-worthy investment for a mom preserving her beauty. A facial steamer will help to open up her pores and welcome in those coveted beauty products she’s using every night. 

Microcurrent facial toning device

Along the same vein as the facial steamer mentioned above, this microcurrent facial toning device has become a trending product in the last couple of years–highly revered by celebrities for lifting and toning the facial muscles with each vibration. It’s great for anti-aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and elasticity in the skin. She can thank you for the best skin of her life. 

Candle or aromatherapy diffuser

vitruvi aromatherapy diffuser mother's day gift idea
Vitruvi Stone Diffuser by Vitruvi

A scent that reminds you of her, or a new one that you suspect she might like, is a worthy gift for mom. She’ll appreciate the sentiment and think of you every time she lights up the candle or turns on that diffuser to relax. We love Otherland candles for their long-lasting burns and beautiful scents. A personal favorite is “Daybed”, a fresh floral scent with a very subtle sweetness. If you’re looking for gifting with amazing packaging this is it. For diffusers, check out Vitruvi for their stunning stone diffusers that go with just about any home interior.


Most of us are getting quite comfy at home, and with no exception–whether mom is still working right now in a frontline job or at home trying to keep busy, she can’t complain about a new set of loungewear to relax in. 

Massage gun 

Mother's day gift guide - Theragun G3

Is your mom constantly complaining about pain in her body? What she might really need is a good chiropractic adjustment or a massage, but that’s not possible right now. The next best thing is getting a massage gun like Theragun to help relieve some of her pain. Make it a care package and bundle some topical ointments and some sweet treats that’ll make her feel the love. 

Weighted blanket

Fears of COVID-19 can have some effects on mood and anxiety levels as we ponder through the uncertainties of the world right now. What mom really needs is a big hug from you, but in the absence of contact, a weighted blanket is a close second. Weighted blankets have been proven to relieve stress and anxiety as well as helping improve posture when sleeping. A favorite of ours is Bearaby, made from natural, breathable materials and even weight distribution to improve deep sleep. 


A cliche, but trust that it’s a favorite–despite your mom telling you not to get her flowers. 98% of the time, she will love receiving them anyway. Now, in all seriousness, you know your mom better than anyone and if flowers are her thing, go for it!


Whatever you’re getting for your mom, a good ol’ handwritten card will light up her day. Not seeing your face for a while means she’s probably missing you a whole lot more. It’s time to break out that old pen and write a heartfelt note, and maybe even grab that Polaroid and snap a picture to mail with it. In this digital age, there’s nothing that she’ll love more than something she can hold in her hands and cherish forever. 



13 Special Valentine’s Day gifts you and your partner will enjoy

Picnic basket 

If you and your partner like to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors, planning more picnics would be a great way for you to do that together. This Valentine’s Day, gift a picnic basket and plan a day at the park. It’s one of our favorite romantic outdoor date ideas. You’ll use it for more picnics together in the future in an eco-conscious plastic-free manner. 

Record player 

By now, most of us music-lovers have Bluetooth speakers in some shape or form. If you and your partner love the sound of vinyl but haven’t committed to buying one, maybe now’s your chance. Think of all the quiet nights in you’ll spend dancing the night away to Aretha Franklin or Sam Smith. If that doesn’t cry romance, I don’t know what does. 

Matching LARQ Bottles

LARQ Bottle Movement Black Onyx bottle set
LARQ Bottle Movement: Power Couple Set

If drinking more water has been on your list of wellness habits to build for 2020, you need to get yourself and your partner a pair of self-cleaning water bottles. Because the LARQ Bottle self-cleans using UV-C LED technology, the water bottle doesn’t develop a smell that is usually caused by bacteria and mold growth. Gross, right? That’s what happens to the average reusable bottle when it hasn’t been washed in more than a day. For peace of mind and freedom from the chore of washing your water bottle daily, you and your partner can do more important things. How about that pottery class you guys have been meaning to take? Or maybe that hiking trail that’s been on your list for some time now? Now’s the time!

Shop LARQ Bottle Sets


Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 in Matte Black
Courtesy of Nebia

Want a shower experience that feels as good as it is for the planet? The Nebia showers use between 45-65% less water than a standard 2.5gpm showerhead. Their H2Micro Technology makes this possible by atomizing water into millions of micro drops that create a spa-like experience that no other shower can mimic. Yes, all while conserving water without sacrificing the luxury experience of a shower. Nebia recently partnered with Moen on their newest model to achieve their goal of saving one billion gallons of water by 2021. You can pre-order the new Nebia by Moen now on Kickstarter (Estimated to deliver by May 2020). 

Robot Vacuum

Are you and your partner practical people who enjoy nothing more than practical gifts for one another? Getting a robot vacuum is probably the best investment you’ll make for your home–especially if you have a pet. No more pet dander and fur balls–just a clean house. How romantic. 

Aromatherapy diffuser

Vitruvi aromatherapy diffuser in matte black
Courtesy of Vitruvi

Ease all of your moods (and your partner’s moods) with a Vitruvi aromatherapy diffuser. Keep it by your bed and scent your home with essential oils stylishly. Essential oils have shown to relieve stress and promote overall wellness. If you and your partner are all about relaxing after a long day of work, an aromatherapy diffuser is just the thing to add to your lifestyle. 

Matching Travel Mugs

Always on the go with your morning matcha or coffee? Make mornings more enjoyable with matching travel mugs by W&P Design. Because of their ceramic construction, they don’t transfer flavors so you won’t get that residual coffee taste when you’re drinking your freshly brewed tea. Taking a travel mug with you will prevent more coffee cups from being wasted and contributing to this global single-use issue. Plus, bringing your own mug to most coffee shops will save you some money.  


A new eco-friendly mattress

What’s more romantic than treating you and your partner to and new bed–and an eco-friendly, non-toxic one to boot. The Avocado Green Mattress is completely organic and has dozens of certifications to back up their product so you know they’ve done the work and the research to create a high-quality product that is good for you and the planet. You’ll enjoy this mattress together for years to come.

Spa Robe 

Ettitude 100% bamboo lyocell waffle weave robe
Courtesy of Ettitude

Ever go to a spa and wish you could take the robe with you? The Ettitude waffle bathrobe gives you that experience without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s great to wear year-round–it’s ultrasoft, moisture-wicking and fast-drying. It’s also hypoallergenic, feel silky smooth on your skin, and made with 100% organic bamboo lyocell so it’s easier on the planet too. Continue with the theme by setting up an at-home couples’ massage for a relaxing Valentine’s date. 

Weighted blanket 

Bearaby Tree Napper weighted blanket in Stone color

A weighted blanket tops the list for a variety of reasons. For starters, it’s thoughtful; for a partner with anxiety, the gift of a weighted blanket is one of many ways to show you care and want to help in more ways than one. Plus, you can both cuddle under it while watching TV or reading together. Lastly, it’ll look great in your home, adding to the warm environment you’re cultivating. 

Scratch off map

Whether you’re a globetrotter or a national parks enthusiast, a scratch-off map will remind you and your partner to adventure more together. So if you are up for the challenge, see how long it takes you to cover every national park on your bucket list and more. 

Fresh linen sheets

Coyuchi Organic Linen Sheet Set in Moonlight Blue
Courtesy of Coyuchi

If you and your partner are lovers of all things home, you’ll love focusing your day of love on the bedroom. The bedroom is your sanctuary–for some of you, it’s your shared space–so why not adorn it with luxurious yet environmentally-conscious bedding? Buying organic textiles means fewer carbon emissions and less strain on the planet, according to the Textile Exchange. That’s why brands like Coyuchi are creating beautiful Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified linens. Inspired by coastal California, Coyuchi’s linens will make your room feel light, airy and fresh. A couple’s paradise, if you will.

Custom art prints 

We’re going to get even more sentimental here. Art prints are a great way to add a personal touch to your space. If you’re a married couple, framing your vows is utterly romantic and straight out of a novel–bring on the tears. If you and your partner are raising fur babies together, get a custom portrait of your pets. Getting an art print of the destination of your first kiss, or your first date or even the most memorable date you’ve had with your partner is also a great way to get all mushy gushy on Valentine’s day. We’re not crying, you’re crying. 



Luxe Holiday Gifts Ideas You Might Just Keep for Yourself

Looking for some fail-safe gifts? While you can’t actually please everyone, you can come really close to it. Here’s a lineup of practical and nifty gifts the special people in your life never even knew they needed. That’s how you know you’re winning already. 

Stress-relieving Weighted Blanket 

holiday gift guide weighted blanket
Bearaby Velvet Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have been gaining a lot of traction lately because they’ve been shown to reduce anxiety and help people sleep better. Who knew having some weight on top of you could do all that? Gift this to anyone who’s having trouble sleeping or can use the extra help to relax–a.k.a all of us. 

Shop the Bearaby Velvet Weighted Blanket, $249 – $279

An external battery that fits in your wallet!

holiday gift guide external battery lifecard
Lifecard Lightning External Battery

At this point, pretty much everyone has an external battery, but we typically go for a pretty hefty amount of mAH to get more bang for our buck. For someone who’s always on the go and tends to use their phone a lot, this is a great gift! It’s super slim and fits into a wallet–plus, it has an attached lightning cable that seamlessly fits into the battery. Yep, no more carrying around a bulky battery and cables. Your loved one is gonna love this. 

Shop Plusus Lifecard Lightning External Battery, $49.99


Light-up wall panels 

This one is a wild card for sure. For the techy person who is always blasting music at home, DJing at parties, and loves things that light up (yes, it’s a thing!), they’ll absolutely love this. The Nanoleaf Rhythm are panels that you stick onto your wall and respond to the rhythm of the music you play. There are varying options for colors, types of movement and more so your friends or loved one can enjoy them for a long time to come. 

Shop Nanoleaf – Rhythm Edition – 9 Panels, $199.99

A water purification bottle

2 LARQ Bottle 17oz. / 500ml in Obsidian Black and Monaco Blue
LARQ Bottle – 17 oz / 500 ml in ( Pictured left: Obisidian Black; Pictured right: Monaco Blue)

For people who love things that light up, or basically anyone who drinks water, a LARQ Bottle makes the perfect gift. With built-in UV-C LED technology that neutralizes bio-contaminants in the water and inner surfaces of the bottle, your giftee will love having a stink-free bottle. With every purchase, 1% of proceeds will go to 1% for the Planet too, so you and your loved one can feel good about this gift inside and out. 

Shop LARQ Bottle – UV-C purifying water bottle, $95

Waterproof Speakers 

Ultimate Ears Lagoon Blue Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers
Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker – Lagoon Blue

For the music-obsessed and life of the party, these highly-rated waterproof speakers are a wonderful gift and their design-forward monochromatic look is truly speaking to us. These are highly-rated for their impeccable sound and bass and boasts a 15-hour playtime so the party can keep on going. 

Shop Ultimate Ears Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers, $149.99

Sustainable spa shower

nebia spa shower 2.0
Nebia Spa Shower 2.0

Feast your eyes on the shower system that will take your home to new lengths by saving you money, water, and energy–for a more sustainable home. The Nebia 2.0 provides 3x faster droplets and 2x greater coverage while saving 65% more water than a standard shower. We talk a lot about preventing plastic waste here, but another concern is conserving water. The Nebia is an innovative product and a luxurious gift even the person-who-has-it-all doesn’t have yet. Plus, it’s stunning design is sure to please–and continue to please–well into the future. Did we mention it comes in Matte Black? (Hint: Pairs well with your Obsidian Black LARQ Bottle.)

Shop Nebia Spa Shower 2.0, $499

Fully functional Carryall 

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall in Siren - Red Duffle bag
Dagne Dover Landon Carryall in Siren

For someone who travels a lot, needs a new gym bag, is always on the go, a new carryall is a thoughtful gift–and this one’s a stylish one to boot with plenty of compartments so there’s a spot for all their things. This carryall even includes a trolley sleeve that effortlessly slides over your luggage handle making traveling extra easy!  

Shop Dagne Dover Landon Carryall, $95-$215

Smart garden 

holiday gift guide click and grow smart garden
Click and Grow Garden

For people who love to cook at home or love organic produce, this smart garden makes a great gift that keeps on giving! Even if your loved one doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs, Click & Grow makes indoor gardening easy with Nespresso-like biodegradable pods containing different herbs and vegetable seeds that make planting new produce easy!

Shop Click & Grow – The Smart Garden 3,  $99.95

Wireless charging dock 

Holiday Gift Guide Stay Courant Wireless Charging Accessory Tray
Stay Courant Wireless Charging Accessory Tray – CATCH:3

Although most new smartphones are equipped with wireless charging nowadays, most people don’t have them yet! Get your giftee a sleek looking wireless charger that’ll make life a little easier and keep their cables in check at home or at the office. The Catch:3 is our top pick as a sophisticated and delightfully techy catchall for the nightstand. Perfect for wirelessly charging your Airpods and iPhone at the same time–no plugging necessary. 

Shop Stay Courant Wireless Charging Accessory Tray- CATCH:3, $175


Airbnb Gift card 

holiday gift guide airbnb gift card
Airbnb Gift Card

When in doubt, get a gift card, but not just any random gift card–an Airbnb gift card. Why? Whether you’re gifting to your avid traveler friends or to that friend that doesn’t even have a passport yet, or your parents who are long overdue for a weekend getaway–this gift is thoughtful and easy as pie to get for a loved one. 

Shop Airbnb Gift Card

Luxurious bathrobe 

Holiday Gift Guide Ettitude Bathrobe
Ettitude Waffle Bathrobe

Loungewear is even better when it’s gifted. A bathrobe is certainly a taste of luxury for some people and a gift anyone can use! Your giftee will love lounging around the house in this because of its surprisingly silky texture. The waffle knit gives it a spa-like feel that anyone will enjoy. 

Shop Ettitude Lyocell Waffle Bathrobe, $80

Cashmere sweater

holiday gift guide cashmere sweater
Everlane Cashmere Sweater

A classic holiday gift is a sweater–but not your Aunt Joanie’s cable knit sweater–a cashmere one. This is one luxe gift people will really appreciate. It’s like a hug they can wear. 

Shop Everlane – The Grade-A Cashmere Crew Sweater, $120-130


Spafinder gift card

Holiday Gift Guide Spafinder Gift Card

Have a friend who loves massages and all things relaxation? Get them the Spafinder gift card! They’ll be able to select their own services at any local spa that’s partnered with Spafinder so they can relax however they want when they want. Just make sure to check your giftee’s local area to make sure there are plenty of options for them! 

Shop Spafinder Gift Card 


Gift Ideas for New Graduates

As we go on, we remember… Vitamin C gets us every time. Yep, it’s grad season and as the rest of us are just trying to get through the workweek, some of our loved ones are preparing for the beginning of adulthood or their dream careers. Need some help shopping for a gift for the grad in your life? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of gifts perfect for any grad–whether it’s high school, undergrad, graduate, masters or even med school and law school.

Gift Ideas for Grads

Restaurant Gift Cards

Source: Chipotle

No matter what age group, food is the window to the soul–that’s how it goes right?

Weekender Bag

Source: Dagne Dover

The new grad will most likely be traveling a bit heading to and from school, pulling all-nighters with a study group (hopefully), or traveling for business starting out in their career. A weekender bag is perfect for anyone. This one from Dagne Dover is unisex and features a variety of colors and sleek design your grad will love.

Pour-over Coffee Maker

Source: Amazon

For the coffee addict or soon-to-be coffee addict, this pour-over coffee maker will help get them through long days and nights.

Instant Film Camera

Source: Amazon

What better way to document their journey than to have physical photos they can look back on or scrapbook? An instant film camera is perfect for heading off to a new school, career and beyond.

LARQ Bottle

You know a self-cleaning water bottle is perfect for anyone by now, including your grad! Everyone’s looking for the next cool thing to show off–especially with all their new gear for school or work. It’ll quickly become one of their must-haves in their backpack or commuter bag for worry-free hydration. No more dealing with a stinky water bottle or washing it (they probably won’t).

Wireless headphones

Source: Amazon

If your grad doesn’t have these already, treat them to a pair of wireless headphones. They’re going to be on the go a lot–rushing from class to class or from work to the gym–they’ll appreciate this one.

Programmable Pressure Cooker

Source: Amazon

Make weeknight meals a breeze for your new grad. With a packed schedule, an Instant Pot is essential in their kitchen.


Source: Amazon

Who better to teach your new grad a few new recipes than ya girl Crissy Teigen with her book Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat?

Airline Gift Card

Southwest airlines gift card

Source: Southwest Airlines

Is your grad going out of state for university? Got into their top pick for residency? Relocating for a new job? An airline gift card is perfect! Nothing says “come back home soon” better than an airline gift card to get them from point A to you.

Stone Paper Notebook


For the accident-prone grad, this stone paper notebook by Karst is one-of-a-kind. Because it’s made from stone (you heard that right!) it’s completely waterproof–spill coffee, tea, water, hard liquor (hopefully not)? Just wipe it off and your precious notes will remain intact. The pages are also tear-resistant and made from recycled stone so it’s way better for the environment.

Engraved Pen

Source: Things Remembered

Get your grad an engraved pen that they can use for taking notes, signing documents, and keeping at their new desk. With refillable ink, this will stick with them over the years.


Source: Amazon

Where your grad is headed, they might need a tablet that’s portable, watching Netflix a breeze, and taking notes easy as pie. If you’ve got the money to spend on your special grad, this is the perfect gift!

Aromatherapy Diffuser

graduation gift ideas: LARQ Bottle, Vitruvi aromatherapy diffuser, Karst stone paper notebooks

You can probably sense the stress coming. At a new school where the stakes are raised, or at a new job where expectations are high, your grad might get a little overwhelmed. To help them reduce stress, an aromatherapy diffuser is a perfect gift–whether they know it or not. Throw in some essential oils to help them on their way.


Father’s Day Gift Guide

Pops, pop, papa, dad, daddy, old man, padre, ba-ba–the man in your life who picks you up when you fall, who taught you how to ride a bike, who read you bedtime stories before bed, who keeps you in line when you need to hear some valuable wisdom–if we’re lucky enough to have a father(s) or father figure in our lives, we ought to show them our love even if it makes them a little uncomfortable.

Father’s day is coming up (June 16) and we’re stressing out because… Dad can be one of the hardest people to buy gifts for.

But not to worry, we’ve done some of the heavy lifting to come up with a list of things any dad would appreciate on father’s day. Here are a few things for pops who thinks he has everything:

Gifts for Dad

Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash

Ember Temperature Control Mug, $130


Does dad constantly babysit his coffee until it’s a weird luke-warm temperature? If so, he’ll love this tech-y temperature control mug that he can use at home or at work! Now, he can enjoy his hot coffee or tea right away or even two hours later. Is dad always on the go? Get him the Ember Travel Mug instead at a pretty $150.

Ettitude Waffle Bathrobe, $80


You can’t beat a luxurious bathrobe like this one when it comes to relaxing. Give pops a little piece of self-care that he’ll actually use. This irresistible bamboo lyocell material is silky smooth and feels like you’re at the spa. Even if he didn’t wear robes before, he will now. Mom might get a little jealous.

LARQ Bottle, $95

We’re not kidding when we say this is a great gift for anyone. We all should be a little more mindful of our health and that includes the water and bottle we drink from. The LARQ Bottle self-cleans every 2 hours to keep your water and bottle clean and bacteria-free. For the father who doesn’t drink enough water, the father who hates cleaning his water bottle, or the father who’s always traveling–give him the gift of pure water at the touch of a button.

Airline Gift Card


Does dad love to travel but doesn’t for whatever reason? An airline gift card will be just the thing to give him the extra nudge he needs to get out there, explore, and take a day off for once.

Noise-canceling headphones, $350


Since these are becoming more and more mainstream–especially with the AirPods 2 release–chances are dad doesn’t have these yet, or doesn’t have great quality ones. Does he like to watch movies or listen to music to wind down? Get him noise-canceling wireless headphones so he can sit back in his old chair and sip some wine to his old-school jazz. Does he have a long commute to and from work? Get him a pair of true wireless headphones that he can also use for hands-free calling. Is he a runner or a gym rat? Get him a sports-friendly pair of true wireless headphones that won’t fall off when he’s working out.

Karst Stone Paper Notebook, $12-39


For the father who is always jotting things down on random pieces of paper (then losing them later on), a notebook is a thoughtful gift for him. Not just any notebook, but one that is waterproof and fits any style–and who knows that style better than you? That’s right; the Karst Stone Notebook is literally made out of stone, so it’s waterproof, coffee-proof, tea-proof, and better for the planet. As a company grounded in making sustainable products with thoughtful design, we love Karst for their innovation and beautiful products. For the backpacker dad, get him a pocket-sized notebook and mini pen so he can document his travels–even as he’s wading in a river. For the man of the office, a sleek hardcover notebook is perfect.

Engraved Pen, $41


Engraved pens are an easy thoughtful gift for anyone–we all use them, he won’t lose this one (hopefully), and they’re a great reminder to them that you care every time they use it. This will be a great gift for someone graduating as well as for your dad!

Game of Thrones Puzzle, $60


We’re all a little heartbroken about GOT ending, but maybe your dad can relive a bit of the series by putting together his very own GOT-themed puzzle!

Restaurant Gift Card

OK, this might seem like a cop-out but for those of you who won’t be with your fathers this father’s day, a gift card sent in the mail with a thoughtful father’s day card is an amazing surprise he’ll appreciate. Plus, what says “I love you” better than food!

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker, $95


For the dad who loves to cook, he’ll appreciate this gift (plus, you might benefit from a mean meal from this). This device allows you to cook anything from beautifully tender steaks and soft-boiled eggs to perfectly cooked veggies.

Family Portraits

Photo by Blake Barlow on Unsplash

Some parents are big on taking photos–others are not. For a father, it could mean a lot for someone else to want to take family photos. Even if they aren’t immediately excited about the idea, they’ll appreciate it in years to come. I’m talking to the people who rarely get together as a family, the people who never have pictures with their parents, the people who live far away from their parents–this is the gift they’ll cherish.

Wallet, $130


There are some dads that will buy these for themselves–shoutout to you fashionable dads! But some dads will literally wait until their wallet falls apart to buy a new one. Do the shopping for him so he can experience the luxury of a brand new wallet.

Waterproof Sandals, $40


With summer just around the corner, get dad ready for his next beach trip with a pair of sandals you’re on board with. If you buy it, he *hopefully* will wear it and *hopefully* get rid of those beat up flip flops he’s had for years.



One cannot have too many athleisure clothes and the same goes for your pa. Whether he works out or likes to lounge around on his days off, get him some comfy and stylish athleisure for father’s day to show you care.

Fitness Tracker, $140


Fitness trackers are great for people of any age, gender or fitness level. It’s a great way to encourage your father to be more active or for the father who already exercises all the time to track his progress. There are a ton out there with different features like step-counters, heart rate monitors, sleep tracker, and more. Find one that best fits what you think he’d want or need.Father’s Day Gift Guide