The DIY Bust-a-germ Box: Sanitize your household objects in a pinch!

With resources running low, our wonderful LARQ Community has been asking us how to use the LARQ cap in other ways. So, we’ve been experimenting and testing to find out how. You can actually leverage our PureVis™ UV-C technology to neutralize bio-contaminants from common items like your cell phone, keys, remote, or even your keyboard! This means there is less need for using single-use disinfecting wipes and paper towels. If there’s a way to reduce, you know we’ll always take it. Since we’re all quarantined safely at home, we’ve concocted a step-by-step guide to making your own method of sanitizing objects at home with things you most likely already have around the house–including your LARQ Bottle’s cap!

We’re calling it: The Bust-a-germ Box

How it works

With the scientifically proven power of UV-C LED technology, PureVis™ is effective at neutralizing bio-contaminants in Adventure Mode, a 3-minute cleaning cycle you can activate with a double-tap of the button. UV-C is germicidal at 200-280nm, and our PureVis™ technology operates at the optimal 280nm wavelength to bust germs. The power from UV-C at this wavelength can effectively neutralize bio-contaminants from the air, surfaces, and water. 

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about how UV technology works to neutralize bio-contaminants. Devices like UV wands aren’t as effective because they require optimal conditions. UV-C is most effective in environments where the distance between the UV-C light and the object is controlled and the duration of sterilization is controlled–which is why we cooked up this Bust-a-germ Box DIY recipe to help you take household items and upcycle them to sanitize items around your home! 

With The Bust-a-germ Box, you’ll be taking your LARQ Bottle’s cap and putting it to use outside of the usual self-cleaning and water purification in your LARQ Bottle! This DIY will allow you to eliminate germs from things like your keys, remote controls, phones, and just about anything that can fit into it without obstructing the light!

The Bust-a-germ Box works best with objects that have flat or curved uniform surfaces. Items like glasses, headphones or a computer mouse are great examples of things you can sanitize.

Pack it up, box it in, Let me begin
I came to clean, infect me that’s a sin
I won’t ever slack up, cold you better back up
Try and stop the world and yo the whole crew’ll act up
Get up, stand up, c’mon, wash your hands up
If you’ve got the inklin’, use our box for cleanin’

inspired by “Jump Around” – House of Pain

Before you start:

  • Ensure that you remove as much lint and dirt as possible from items that you are using in the Bust-a-germ Box. UV-C is effective in neutralizing bio-contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye, so physical sediments like dirt or dust are not going to be removed by the UV-C light. 
  • Sanitize all the pieces for The Bust-a-germ Box
  • Sanitize your work surfaces 
  • The Bust-a-germ Box works best with two LARQ Bottle caps
  • Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes! 
  • Please be careful when handling any sharp objects

What you’ll need:

LARQ icons for aluminum foil, pen, and box cutter

  • A LARQ box or a similar box that is close to 11”x4”x4” (28.2 x 10.16 x 10.16 cm) in size.
  • Aluminum foil
  • Tape
  • Box cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pen, pencil, marker or marker
  • Protective gloves

The Bust-a-germ Box

This ideally requires two LARQ Bottle caps for maximum efficacy. The PureVis™ light emitted will cover more surface area so you can sanitize objects with ease. 

  1. Upcycle a LARQ Bottle box and measure about 4 inches (10.16 cm) from left to right. Repeat on the right side.Step 1 Bust-a-germ box. Measure 4 inches from the left and the right and make marks with a pen.
  2. Outline 2 circles where the LARQ Bottle caps will be placed against a side of the cardboard box (we’d recommend a side that doesn’t multiple layers of cardboard when closed). Make sure they are drawn on the same side of the box.LARQ Bust-a-germ box step 2. Outline circles for the LARQ caps where you made the markings in step 1.
  3. Cut out the circular outlines with a box cutter or scissors. Please exercise precaution when doing this! LARQ Bust-a-germ box step 3. Cut out the circles you outlined from step 2
  4. Use tape to line the inside of the box with aluminum foil, leaving openings for the holes where the LARQ Bottle caps will go. LARQ Bust-a-germ box step 4. Use tape to line the inner walls of the box with aluminum foil (shiny side up). Leave holes for the LARQ caps.
  5. Affix the LARQ Bottle caps into the holes you cut out.LARQ But-a-germ step 5. Affix the two LARQ caps in the holes.
  6. Now, you’re ready to toss in a set of car keys, cell phone, face mask or any other small item into the aluminum foil-lined box and activate the PureVis™ technology at the push of the button.
    LARQ Bust-a-germ step 6. Place an object into the box (a smartphone is pictured here). Then close the box.For maximum efficacy, double-click the button of the LARQ cap to activate Adventure Mode–a 3-minute cycle that basks the object with purifying UV-C light. 
    LARQ Bust-a-germ step 7. Double-click the LARQ caps to activate Adventure Mode. After 3 minutes, the cleaning cycle is finished. Then flip your object over and repeat this step.
  7. After the cycle, flip the object over and repeat. 

LARQ Bust-a-germ step 8. Flip the object over and repeat step 7.Double-click the LARQ caps to activate another Adventure Mode cycle. After 3 minutes, your object has been sterilized!

The Bust-a-germ Tube

The tube version of this project will require a cylindrical box or container. Due to the rounded inner surfaces, the PureVis™ UV-C light reflects and covers more surface area of a given object. The tube should be 10.8 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches (27.5 x 9.8 x 9.8 centimeters) or larger in size. We recommend using two LARQ caps for better performance but you can also use one LARQ cap.

Bust-a-germ Tube version by LARQ

The Bust-a-germ Tube Instructions

  1. Upcycle a LARQ Bottle Movement box or tube-shaped container and measure about 7 inches (17.78 cm) down from the cap and make a mark
  2. Take a box cutter and cut the tube in half. Put the bottom piece of the tube aside – you’ll use this if you have a second LARQ Bottle cap (See below for Double Cap instructions)
  3. Take the lid of the tube box and align the LARQ Bottle cap where you want to cut an opening. Outline the LARQ Bottle cap with a pen or pencil.
  4. Use tape to line the inner walls of the tube with aluminum foil. The foil will help reflect the UV-C light to provide more coverage. Line the box lid with aluminum foil being careful to leave an opening where the LARQ Bottle cap will go.
  5. Put the LARQ Bottle Cap into the hole of the lined lid. 
  6. Take the other half of the tube, cut out the bottom piece so you can use it to cover up the bottom of the first half of the box.
  7. With that bottom piece, align the LARQ Bottle cap where you want to cut an opening. Outline the LARQ Bottle cap with a pen or pencil.
  8. Affix the second LARQ Bottle cap to the new opening. Use tape to secure both caps on either end of the bottle. (Tip: Lay both halves of the bottle on their sides to make assembly easier!)
  9. Place an object in the center of the Bust-a-germ and close the opening. You’re ready to double-click to activate Adventure Mode on both caps at the same time to start busting germs!


If you only have one LARQ cap, follow the steps below:

  1. Place a piece of aluminum foil on your tabletop to increase reflectivity and to protect the surface.
  2. Now you’re ready to eradicate germs from things at home that need a serious clean! Double-click the button of the LARQ cap to activate Adventure Mode–a 3-minute cycle that basks the object with purifying UV-C light. After the cycle is complete, flip the object over and repeat. 

Bust-a-germ around the house!

Your high-touch items like house and car keys, your phone, wallet, and even pens should be sanitized using PureVis™ every so often to keep bio-contaminants at bay. But what about high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and other surfaces around the house, you might ask? Don’t worry we’ve got that covered too. 

LARQ PureVis™ Bust-a-germ DIY used on a doorknob to sterilize and eradicate bacteria & virusesLARQ PureVis™ Bust-a-germ DIY used on a AirPods to sterilize and eradicate bacteria & viruses

Get creative with what’s available to you. We used an empty and cleaned yogurt container here. Cut a circular opening for the LARQ Bottle Cap and line the inner walls with aluminum foil. Just make sure the opening of the Bust-a-germ Box fits over the object in question! 

Use LARQ Bust-a-germ to sterilize surfaces and objects around the house.