Check out these homes around the world (if you’re bored of looking at yours)

As far as design-y things are concerned, interior design is at the top of our list (next to sleek product design, of course). Has that wanderlust kicked in yet since your recent stay-at-home orders? We know ours have. So humor us with this journey around the world–in other people’s homes around the world that is. 

The Parisian home

bright modern glam parisian interior design with yellow velvet couches and gilded mirror

Ahh, Paris. When you think of Paris interior design, certain things come to mind–like gold, tall windows with tiny balconies where you sip your cafe au lait. Parisian apartments are rich and full of history, with antique fixtures and ornate trim that border every room. 

For decor, touches of antiqued gold are sprinkled throughout. If it doesn’t have a chandelier yet, it demands one. If the space calls for it, vintage furniture works really well with the ornate trim and brass doorknobs. 


The modern German home 

german interior design modern

German interiors boast clean lines, industrial elements, and meticulously chosen decor that looks sleek and finished. The plethora of indoor plants sure make this particular apartment feel lively yet moody. We’re about it. 

modern german interior design bathroom

There’s a lot of focus in this example on bright airy light grounded by clean lines with an architectural feel.

modern german minimalist interior design

German interior designs feature elements like steel, concrete paired with natural elements to ground the overall look. The result is sleek, modern, and minimalistic.

The Scandinavian home

scandinavian interior design home office

Scandinavian style homes marry the ideas of modern minimalism with a casual lived-in feel. Furniture items feature clean lines and sleek finishes with a solid color pallette–typically with softer colors. 

scandinavian home interior

For a hygge approach, decor is placed around the home “casually” to give it a lived-in look. A fluffy throw tossed over the living room sofa, or a medley of framed artwork leaned up against a wall make a space feel relaxed and homely. 

Scandinavian interior design

As you can see here, it’s easy to mix up the furniture around the house with natural touches for a more laid back feel.

The Hong Kong home

stylish eclectic hong kong apartment interior design

Many interior design styles around the world marry old styles with the new, and Hong Kong is no exception. The interiors are updated to maximize light in smaller apartments, and modern furnishings mixed with bright colors and plants make the space feel happy. 

boho minimalist hong kong home

Bringing the old world into the new is not an easy feat. This space features antique-y wood furnishings, vintage artwork and soft textures. You can’t help but sip your tea and read your book by this full-sized window.

The Modern Spanish home

modern spanish home interior design

Stained glass, bold colors, and vaulted ceilings come to mind when thinking of a traditional Spanish home. These interiors take Spanish-influenced style to a whole new level. The decor is an ode to its traditional roots that work well with sleek modern furniture. The result is an eclectic mix of old and new that we’d be excited to come home to every day. 

eclectic modern spanish interior design

Touches of glam that complement the traditional-style tiled floors, with an eclectic mix of furnishings totally works in this space. It feels like a home and an art gallery at the same time.

Modern eclectic Spanish interior design

This space makes us want to take more risks in complementing the old with the new. The rug here and the color palette emulate the apartment’s stained glass windows.

This journey featuring different homes around the world satisfies that wanderlust we’ve been having. Whether for inspirational or utter curiosity, hopefully these spaces are getting your creative juices flowing. Maybe cause for a little redecorating?


5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Desk and Cultivate a Productive Workspace

Your office space is probably the place you spend the majority of your time–unless you’re one of those people who can work from your bed; how is that even possible?! Whether it’s at home or at HQ, your office space should inspire productivity, creativity, clarity and overall feel like a space where you can, you know, actually get stuff done.

We’ve all been there–arriving to a cluttered desk with piles and piles of paperwork and random knick-knacks that can get overwhelming. When you see things in disarray, your mind can’t help but feel overwhelmed and stressed. A clear and organized workspace is essential to your productivity and mental health.

Now, here are a few tips on how to decorate your home office or work space for optimum success and minimal maintenance. Did somebody say “desk envy”?

#1 Everything should have a place

Storage, storage, storage.

matching blue plastic desk storage set
Source: Poppin

If everything has a designated space, you are less likely to lose things and less likely to leave a mess, which will likely result in reduced stress!

For that paper

wire crate magazine holder for desk
Source: Amazon

For magazines, newspapers, manuscripts, sketches–any form of paperwork, a filing system might help. If you have a lot of paperwork, you might need some file cabinets. If not, you might be able to get away with a desktop filing system (as long as your paperwork isn’t too sensitive of course).

All the small things

matte black magnetic desk storage set
Source: The Container Store

Keep small office supplies in a drawer organizer or a container with a lid so they are easy to find yet concealed to avoid clutter. Binder clips, paperclips, erasers, loose change–they all have a place and it’s not scattering them across your desk or thrown into a drawer carelessly.

A cup half full

uniquely shaped geometric pencil holders
Source: MoMA Design Store

A pencil case, pencil box, or simply a tall mug will keep your writing tools in one place. If you use a lot of different mediums for your work like pens, pencils and different sizes of paint brushes, you might even want to take it a step further and have them organized into different holders.

clay geometric pencil holders
Source: Container Store

Use this rule of thumb and tailor it to your needs. You can always find a place for things that makes sense for the way you work.

#2 If you don’t use it, get rid of it

We’re all a little guilty of keeping things at our desk for ages and never using them. If you realize you haven’t used something in more than 6 months, consider repurposing it elsewhere or giving it to a friend. There’s no use in letting it collect dust and take up space in your office.

#3 Use a notebook

If you’re the type of person who needs to write things down and are currently doing that on a bunch of sticky notes or random pieces of paper you have on your desk–it’s time to invest in a notebook. Having all your notes in one place not only keeps your desk neat, but it makes finding your notes easier. After all, you wrote them down to try to remember them right? You could also think of it as an archive of all the work you’ve done in that part of your life.

Trust me, I was really resistant towards purchasing one because I have had a ton in the past I didn’t use, but when you get one that you like, that fits your aesthetic and is a good size for your lifestyle, you’ll want to use it and stick with it until you run out of pages.

Do you tend to spill coffee or tea or anything on your notes? What if I told you there was a waterproof and tear-resistant notebook for you that also looks beautiful? Shocking, right? The Karst notebook is made out of stone that has been finely milled to create beautifully smooth pages that are spill-proof and tear-resistant so even the most accident-prone people will have a notebook they can truly take with them anywhere.

#4 Keep your cables in order

The most frustrating thing about a desk area is the cluttered cord situation. You have chargers for everything–even if most of your tech gear is wireless.

So what’s the solution?

matte black adhesive cable management strip
Source: Amazon

Keep cords neat by binding them together or using a cord keeper. If your gear has wireless charging capabilities, invest in a wireless charger to minimize the amount of cords on your desk.

You can also tuck larger cords behind a laptop or monitor stand or keep them neatly bound towards the back of your desk.

#5 Express yourself

scandinavian contemporary desk layout with natural wood desk accessories

Sometimes the problem with an office area is the lack of self-expression that can make your space feel cold and unwelcoming. But on the other hand, a slippery slope is adding too many random things to your desk, so make sure every piece of decor you add is intentional and not overbearing.

Get Sentimental

You can say a lot with the few things that you decide to include, such as photos of loved ones, or a bobble head from your favorite team–no need to bring your entire collection. Don’t want to get too personal? Using elements that speak to you, like wood finished accessories, minimalist touches, or a few your favorite books sandwiched by gold bookends will get the job done without the warm and fuzzies.

Form but also function

Express yourself with functional pieces too, such as a desktop calendar with your pet’s face on it or a mug with your favorite Disney character on it. Or, dare I say, a sleek looking water bottle that won’t cramp your office style and that automatically cleans itself so you never have to worry about the embarrassing stench after forgetting it in the office for a whole weekend.

Go green

modern designer's desk scandinavian desk inspiration
Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

A great way to spruce up any area, especially your office, is adding indoor plants. Plants are great for adding some life into your otherwise cold workspace. Some even help purify the air and are *nearly* impossible to kill. Snake plants, peace lilies, dracaenas, and cacti are all tough plants that will do well in lowlight settings such as in an office space and are forgiving if you forget to water them or overwater them.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a green thumb, you can opt for some faux plants! They add the same effect without the hassle.

Remember, your workspace should be a place that feels like your own, that inspires creativity and productivity, and that you shouldn’t feel stressed out by on top of your workload. We believe these simple tips will help guide you along your way to a more productive work life. Does your stress stem a little further than from your working environment? Check out our article on how to reduce stress and tips on managing your stress levels for improved mental health.


10 Unique Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas to Inspire You

Alright, you Scandinavian interior design fanatics–your inspiration for innovative interior design is here. We want Scandi, we want Hygge, we want inventive ideas we can use in our own homes–at some point in time… There are some cool innovative things people are doing around the world in interior design. Ready to be inspired?


If you have a space for a spiral staircase and a giant net nook, you’re one lucky person. Not for the faint of heart or if you’re scared of heights–this unique reading area is what design dreams were made of.


Have minimal space but want to spruce up your bedroom? Try this cool wood design on your wall and ceiling. It draws the eyes up to make the space feel a little larger. If you can find a great reclaimed wood carpenter, please make this come true for your space.


What better way to chill out in front of a fireplace than a gigantic round couch recessed into the ground? I bet you won’t ever want to leave this area–like ever.


A cool way to divide a large space–this hardwood and tile-work is a masterpiece of sorts. It’ll be the highlight of your guest’s visit. Guaranteed to spark joy.


Cool artwork aside, what makes this space unique is the rolling coffee table that appears to be made from a reclaimed barn door. The oversized industrial wheels make the space a little more interesting than your standard minimalist coffee table. Plus, you get the utility of being able to move it anywhere you want at a moment’s notice.


Are you a wine-lover? This cool peg wine rack is what minimalist dreams are made of. Install with caution.


The perfect remedy for a small space is this mock-loft. You got ample storage on the bottom and a cool looking loft-style bed area on the top.


Talk about unique workspaces. This area is made by its peculiarly cool bookcase. Who said you can’t have fun with your shelving? We love that the design partially covers some of the books drawing your eye to the design and not on any clutter.


Liven up your space with indoor plants. No floor space? Hang your plants on a sturdy lighting system. It’s a great way to add freshness and color to an otherwise dull space.


Give your kitchen a Scandi update with exposed pantry space like this one. It’ll make you neater (believe it or not) and the frosted sliding paneling breaks up the space and draws eyes up. We’re also fans of this stainless steel island–perfect for you aspiring chefs (or clumsy people).

We love how simple some of these concepts are that make them different than your average Instagram home. Next time you tackle your next home improvement project, think outside the box and do something a little different.

Inspired? Us, too. We love innovative design no matter what industry it’s in. Keep up with our blog for more design inspiration for the home, office and more!

Editor’s Note: Images used in this article do not belong to LARQ.


7 Stylish Travel Essentials You Won’t Want to Leave Home Without

One of the many pleasures in life is being fortunate enough to travel. Immerse yourself in a world different than your own, soak in the sights, and enjoy the food. The trip itself should be enjoyable, but the travel from point A to point B isn’t always so fun. You always want to make sure you have all the essentials before setting foot on your journey. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to find out you’ve forgotten something and have to hunt for it in a foreign place. Plus, don’t you want your purchase to be thoughtful and more… you?

We’ve carefully curated a list of travel essentials with designs that are so amazing, you’ll want to use them on every trip. Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a first-time flyer, these top travel accessories are absolutely essential for traveling in style.

Hello, Function. Have you met Form?

#1 Travel Pillow


Travel pillows are a must when it comes to travel–land, sea, or air–and especially when travel time is extensive. If you plan on getting any kind of shut-eye during your travels, don’t get caught without a comfortable travel pillow to keep you from arriving at your next destination with a sore neck. The TRTL Pillow is scientifically engineered to keep your neck in the best possible position. Its design allows you to fold it up nicely so it’s not bulky, easy to travel with, and of course, stylish.


If you’d prefer a super cushiony memory foam neck pillow instead, the Cabeau Evolution Pillow is one that many swear by. It’s soft, ergonomic, and even rolls up into a small bag to make it easier to travel with! This design is super thoughtful and includes straps that clip onto the seat to keep your head back. If you tend to lean forward when sleeping upright, this will keep you from banging your head into the seat in front of you!

#2 Bluetooth Headphones

These are a must-have travel accessory if you want the option to listen to music, podcasts, ambient noise, audio books–well, you get the gist. Opt for a noise-canceling version like these Bose headphones so you can really get some restful sleep in for a peaceful flight.

#3 Portable Charger

We can’t stress this enough. Sure, you could wait until you can plug into a wall, but chances are, you could run out of battery on your phone or other electronic devices before that happens. Also, who likes to be tethered to a wall, awkwardly sitting on the floor next to the airport bathrooms? Not us. If you have a high maH portable charger, it could last you the entire trip (depending on how long your trip is), so you may not even need #4 on this list.

#4 Travel Adapter

If you’re traveling to another country and bringing electronic devices along with you, it may be a good idea to grab one of these before you go. Travel adapters like this one include multiple ports for different countries so you can easily find one that you can use time and time again.

#5 Reusable Water Bottle


The most important thing about traveling is staying hydrated. Jet lag dehydration is seriously a thing, and you shouldn’t overlook this really easy way to avoid it. Simply, bring your own reusable water bottle. Just make sure it’s empty before arriving at TSA.

Did you know that millions of plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute? That’s millions of plastic waste polluting the earth. Instead of being a part of that problem, take a reusable water bottle like the LARQ water bottle–it self-cleans and sanitizes your water for you every two hours. This means you can fill it up with tap water at the airport, at rest stops, or at your destination and be confident that it’s safe to drink. Not to mention its gorgeous design is really going to turn heads everywhere you go.

#6 Packable Bag

If you’re an over-packer or just an excessive-souvenir-purchaser, bringing packable bags with you is key. Traveling is exciting because you can find things that you want to bring home as gifts or as mementos from your adventures. Feel free to do so when you have an extra reusable bag handy.

You can use them to store excessive items, separate your dirty clothes in your suitcase, use them for shopping around your destination (minimizing plastic consumption), and whatever you can imagine you’d need an extra bag for! This packable backpack comes in a handy compact size that’ll fit right in your luggage–and it won’t ruin your outfits either.

#7 Suitcase

If you’re going to be traveling a lot, it’s definitely worth it to invest in a great suitcase for all your future travels. This suitcase by AWAY has a built-in external battery so you can charge up during those long layovers at the airport or waiting in line at a cafe. It’s hard exterior prevent your items from getting crushed in transit and, with its wide range of colors, you’ll find one that suits you.

Traveling in style is easier than you thought. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the best products for your traveling lifestyle. Did you think of anything we missed?

Now, what are you waiting for? Adventure is out there.