Are you drinking enough water? Prevent dehydration with these simple tips

As much as we all like to think we’re drinking enough water–most likely, we’re not. Your body constantly expels water through sweat, saliva, peeing, pooping, and even tears. It’s important to constantly rehydrate to replenish the fluids in your body. 

Being able to spot the signs of dehydration can help you become more aware of your water intake and focus on maintaining healthy hydration. It’s easy to forget to drink water. It could be working on a project and forgetting what time it is. Or, it could be that you’re out and about and don’t have access to a clean water source. 


  • Illness – We’ve all been there. Fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, and colds can cause you to lose more water than usual and results in dehydration. That’s why doctors are always reminding us to drink more water when we’re sick. 
  • Excessive sweating – Whether it’s due to exercise or from an anxiety-inducing work presentation, you will lose water from sweating. This explains why you get thirsty when you’re nervous or when you’re working out.  
  • Peeing a lot – Your body absorbs water wherever it can, including in foods and drinks. Drinks like coffee and tea can hydrate you, but they’re also diuretics, which means they make you pee more frequently. This makes you lose water at a faster rate, so you should drink regular water more often. Certain medications and diabetes can cause more frequent peeing as well. 
  • Lack of access to safe drinking water – When traveling, hiking or camping, it’s difficult to access safe drinking water. There is always a concern for potential bacteria and viruses that could be in the water such as E.coli and Giardia, among others, that can get you sick. Ever heard of “Bali belly”? It’s not fun. The LARQ Bottle contains non-toxic UV-C LED technology that eliminates bacteria and viruses from the bottle. The LARQ Bottle’s Adventure Mode activates a 3-minute cycle that applies a longer dose of UV-C bacteria-eliminating power. 
  • Forgetting to drink water – Leading busy lives can leave little room for drinking water, and it’s easy to forget if we’re constantly on the move. Keeping a water bottle with you at all times is a great reminder–something you enjoy drinking from.

How can you tell if you’re dehydrated?

Great you asked. When dehydrated, you’ll exhibit these symptoms:

  • Thirst 
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry skin
  • Headache
  • Muscle cramps
  • Not peeing very much 
  • Dark yellow pee

Dehydration can even lead to more severe symptoms like:

  • not peeing or having extremely dark yellow pee
  • extreme dry, cracked skin
  • Sunken eyes, dark eye circles
  • Lethargy, fatigue, irritability, brain fog
  • Fainting

With severe dehydration, seek medical attention as quickly as possible. This is especially important for children and elderly people. 

How the LARQ Bottle can help prevent dehydration

It’s easy to stay hydrated when you have access to safe drinking water. The LARQ Bottle is a great way to have water purification anywhere you go. 

UV-C LED technology allows you to purify water on the go

This gives you peace of mind when traveling, hiking or camping. Just fill up at a water source, press the button on the cap, and let the UV-C LED work its magic. Voila! After 60 seconds, you’ll have pure drinkable water–free of bacteria and other bio-contaminants. 

It can prevent you from getting sick

When was the last time you washed your reusable water bottle? If it’s been a while, chances are bacteria are growing inside of there. Funky smell? That’s an indicator that bacteria have already started growing. As humans, we’re wired to detect harmful bio-contaminants based on smell or other senses. That’s why it’s important that you use your good instincts and keep things clean. 

The LARQ Bottle’s UV-C LED technology intelligently activates every 2 hours to eradicate bacteria and bio-contaminants from the inner surfaces of the bottle and from the water. This prevents harmful bacteria, viruses, and other bio-contaminants from getting you sick! What do we say in the face of germs? Not today! As we’ve learned, getting sick can make you dehydrated from all of the excreted moisture. So, we’re winning if we can prevent that from happening aren’t we? 

Plus, no smell means no more fear of drinking from your water bottle. If this isn’t winning, we don’t know what is. 

Access safe drinking water anywhere

If you’re traveling or living in an area where water is not safe to drink, UV-C LED is effective in eliminating the bio-contaminants in the water that can cause GI issues or illness. 

Adventure Mode can eliminate 99.9999% of bio-contaminants in water. Pushing the button on the cap twice activates Adventure Mode, which is a 3-minute cycle that basks the inner surfaces and water with purifying UV-C light, killing bio-contaminants in the process. It’s like having lightning in a bottle. 

More peace of mind means you can stay hydrated with the water you have access to instead of buying bottled water (which is extremely wasteful) or getting dehydrated because of the lack of access. 

It lights up to remind you to drink up (and to let you know it’s cleaning) 

When activated, the ring on the top of the LARQ Bottle will light up in a blue color to indicate that it’s working. Every 2 hours, LARQ will activate automatically for 10-seconds to maintain the cleanliness of the bottle. This is also a happy reminder to drink water if you’ve forgotten. Nifty, huh? It’s also great as an icebreaker, so don’t forget to bring your LARQ Bottle to any party. (We’re only half kidding.)

When it comes to hydration, we think it’s important to #DrinkBrilliantly. Staying healthy and hydrated is easy with LARQ. See for yourself. 


Introducing: The LARQ Bottle Benefit Edition

We at LARQ would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. One percent of all purchases since we launched our first LARQ Bottle in 2018 continues to fund water projects and fight plastic pollution all over the world through 1% for the Planet, a nonprofit network that connects businesses to environmental causes around the world. 

The health of the environment is extremely important to us–it’s our future and the future of our children on the line. At the rate that plastic waste is entering our oceans today, estimates show that by 2050, the amount of plastic waste (by weight) will surpass the amount of marine life in the ocean. 

African boy drinking clean drinking water from fountain

For every LARQ Bottle Benefit Edition purchase, we are donating 5% of proceeds to Well Aware (while supplies last). Well Aware is a nonprofit that brings sustainable and innovative solutions to water scarcity and water contamination so that communities become self-sufficient. Well Aware’s well systems have a 100% success rate while the industry average is a 40% success rate–giving peace of mind to the communities they were built for. A staggering 1 in 10 people lack access to clean water–and in this day and age, this is truly unacceptable. 

Well Aware has provided life-changing clean water to 61 communities and counting to more than a quarter of a million people. Many communities living in water-scarce areas walk for hours to the nearest water source, and these waters are oftentimes contaminated and unfit for human consumption, leading to many cases of illnesses, children dying from diarrhea, and long queues at the local doctor for treatment. 

The sustainable well systems Well Aware have helped reduce disease rates by 64%, increased education by 34% and enabled education for girls by 58%. Not having to worry about waterborne illnesses means that members of the community are empowered to sustain themselves, children can attend school–no longer spending hours in a day fetching water–and families no longer need to relocate in order to be closer to water sources. 

LARQ Bottle Benefit Edition Sahara Gold Bottle


By creating a product like the LARQ Bottle, that works effectively and beautifully, our hopes are that more people will be willing to end single-use plastic bottled water purchases and make a permanent switch to reusable water bottles, and by making all purchases count toward funding projects that help bring safe drinking water to people all over the world, as well as funding plastic cleanup projects and recycling programs, we can cause a ripple effect on a global scale. 


Introducing the all-new LARQ Bottle Movement

We founded LARQ on a mission to help end single-use plastic bottle consumption, so we created the world’s first self-cleaning bottle–equipped with technology that cleans itself and purifies water at the same time. With our proprietary UV-C LED technology, we were able to design a bottle that keeps the bottle stink-free, clean, and safe to drink from without the use of toxic chemicals like Mercury. Now, we’re doing it all again with an exciting new collection.

We wanted to create a lightweight bottle that maximizes capacity for water while harnessing our proprietary UV-C LED technology. Enter the LARQ Bottle Movement–the newest addition to our LARQ Bottle line that features an ultra-lightweight single-wall stainless steel construction and a premium quality silicone sleeve for added grip and protection from bumps and knicks. It’s built for movement.

LARQ Bottle Movement 24oz / 710mL single wall stainless steel self cleaning water bottle powder coated silicone sleeve


The LARQ Bottle Movement is designed for the modern-day goal-getter. Whether it’s conquering that beast of a trail, hitting your a personal record, or squeezing in gym sessions after your 12-hour workdays–the LARQ Bottle Movement is here to keep you healthy and hydrated with pure water on the move. The intentional forward-slash was designed to emulate forward movement and optimism. Be inspired to take on each day with your LARQ Bottle Movement.

The LARQ Bottle Movement uses the same cap as our original LARQ Bottle which means they use the same amazing UV-C LED technology you know and trust. Wondering what the heck a UV-C LED is? We’ll break it down for you…

How it works

The UV-C LED technology is the secret sauce to the LARQ Bottle and LARQ Bottle Movement’s self-cleaning and water purification functions. The UV-C light is emitted at an optimized wavelength of 280 nanometers and bounces off the inner electropolished 18/8 stainless steel walls of the bottle to eradicate up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses before they have a chance to grow or multiply, keeping your water and bottle stink-free and safe to drink.

It’s easy. Just fill up your LARQ Bottle or LARQ Bottle Movement with water, press the button to activate Normal Mode, a 60-second cycle of UV-C LED cleaning power that purifies your water. Lastly, #DrinkBrilliantly.

The bottles will intelligently activate a 10-second cycle every 2 hours to maintain the cleanliness of your bottle too! No fuss, seriously.

In this day and age, we’re always on the move and in need of on-demand, on-the-go water purification we can rely on. That’s why we developed LARQ’s proprietary UV-C LED technology and are continuing to create brilliant products that help you stay healthy and hydrated.

LARQ is ready to move when you are.


The LARQ Story

Hi. We’re LARQ, the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle. And here is our story.

We started with a simple vision where innovative technology can be combined with inspirational design to help people access pristine drinking water easily and sustainably.

Easy, right?

Well maybe not that easy, but with the help of a couple PhDs, design experts and some trial and error – we were ready to show the world.

The LARQ Bottle and its patented UV-C LED technology, which had been over 10 years in the making, made its debut in 2017 on Kickstarter. We surpassed our initial Kickstarter goals in under 24 hours and at the close of the campaign had raised over $1.4 million in funding (Whoa!). We became the largest hydration campaign on Kickstarter. Ever.

The next few months flew by, between finalizing manufacturing plans, fine tuning design and honing the UV-C LED technology everything was falling into place… and huh-oh! (But what is a good story without a little drama, right?) The issue was not with the UV-C LED technology, design or anything that would put a halt to our mission of giving people clean water on-the-go – but simply the name. We had been going by QUARTZ, but ran into a trademarking issue. So, it was back to the drawing board….

And that is how we became LARQ.

The adventurous and fun-loving nature of the word “LARK” resonates with our brand philosophy and deep appreciation for the natural world. The stylized “A” in LARQ gives a nod to a bird in flight as well as the Greek letter λ (lambda) – used in the scientific community to stand for the wavelength of light. And the unique spelling with a Q at the end, is just a gentle reminder of our humble beginnings and the support of early believers, back when we were QUARTZ.

We started with a simple vision, and what we created was simply the perfect fusion of design and technology. The LARQ Bottle looks as good as it makes you feel – with no chemicals, no scrubbing, no compromises.

You are what you drink. So drink brilliantly.