Mother’s Day Gift Guide: At-home Edition

An extended shelter-in-place order means that mom’s most-wanted items may have changed a bit. A lack of leisurely activities, parties, and dinners means fashion items are out of the question. Likewise, your original ideas to take her on a trip are beyond reach. The good thing is, ordering online and having things sent to mom for Mother’s Day is easier than ever before. 

Here are some gift ideas that will help this quarantine Mother’s Day feel like the most special Mother’s Day yet. Even from a distance, mom will feel that love. 


Food delivery 

Due to shelter-in-place, mama might’ve been having to cook a lot more than usual. Give her a day or night off from cooking with credits to a food delivery service available in her area! DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, Caviar, and more are just some examples of food delivery apps to check out. Or, as the perfect child you are, you can deliver her favorite food to her as a special surprise! It might take some coordinating to make sure she’s home and isn’t cooking anything, but it’ll be worth it!

Self-cleaning water bottle

mother's day gift guide - self-cleaning water bottle - personalized engraving on LARQ Bottle

Overall health and wellness start with what you put into your body. The LARQ Bottle uses PureVis™ UV-C light to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses from the water and bottle. It also intelligently activates every 2 hours to maintain cleanliness, stopping bacteria before they have the chance to grow–one thing mom won’t have to worry about! This self-cleaning mode triggers a glowing blue light on the exterior of the bottle, a neat reminder for mom to hydrate. Plus, she’ll think of you every time she takes a sip. 

Facial steamer 

Is your mom missing her spa days? If she’s a beauty buff, she’ll really appreciate this gem. It’s a splurge-worthy investment for a mom preserving her beauty. A facial steamer will help to open up her pores and welcome in those coveted beauty products she’s using every night. 

Microcurrent facial toning device

Along the same vein as the facial steamer mentioned above, this microcurrent facial toning device has become a trending product in the last couple of years–highly revered by celebrities for lifting and toning the facial muscles with each vibration. It’s great for anti-aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and elasticity in the skin. She can thank you for the best skin of her life. 

Candle or aromatherapy diffuser

vitruvi aromatherapy diffuser mother's day gift idea
Vitruvi Stone Diffuser by Vitruvi

A scent that reminds you of her, or a new one that you suspect she might like, is a worthy gift for mom. She’ll appreciate the sentiment and think of you every time she lights up the candle or turns on that diffuser to relax. We love Otherland candles for their long-lasting burns and beautiful scents. A personal favorite is “Daybed”, a fresh floral scent with a very subtle sweetness. If you’re looking for gifting with amazing packaging this is it. For diffusers, check out Vitruvi for their stunning stone diffusers that go with just about any home interior.


Most of us are getting quite comfy at home, and with no exception–whether mom is still working right now in a frontline job or at home trying to keep busy, she can’t complain about a new set of loungewear to relax in. 

Massage gun 

Mother's day gift guide - Theragun G3

Is your mom constantly complaining about pain in her body? What she might really need is a good chiropractic adjustment or a massage, but that’s not possible right now. The next best thing is getting a massage gun like Theragun to help relieve some of her pain. Make it a care package and bundle some topical ointments and some sweet treats that’ll make her feel the love. 

Weighted blanket

Fears of COVID-19 can have some effects on mood and anxiety levels as we ponder through the uncertainties of the world right now. What mom really needs is a big hug from you, but in the absence of contact, a weighted blanket is a close second. Weighted blankets have been proven to relieve stress and anxiety as well as helping improve posture when sleeping. A favorite of ours is Bearaby, made from natural, breathable materials and even weight distribution to improve deep sleep. 


A cliche, but trust that it’s a favorite–despite your mom telling you not to get her flowers. 98% of the time, she will love receiving them anyway. Now, in all seriousness, you know your mom better than anyone and if flowers are her thing, go for it!


Whatever you’re getting for your mom, a good ol’ handwritten card will light up her day. Not seeing your face for a while means she’s probably missing you a whole lot more. It’s time to break out that old pen and write a heartfelt note, and maybe even grab that Polaroid and snap a picture to mail with it. In this digital age, there’s nothing that she’ll love more than something she can hold in her hands and cherish forever. 



Our #BrilliantMoms

When you think of your mother or mother figure, the memory of her singing to you might come to mind, or of her tending to your scraped knee, or even of her cooking your favorite meal in the kitchen. Moms do so much for us in helping us when we feel weak, to molding us into the people we are today. They may nag and annoy us at times (who’s mom doesn’t?!), but at the end of the day, they love us unconditionally and that’s what matters most.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so we decided to really tug at everyone’s heartstrings (hopefully yours, too) by asking our LARQ family to share some fond memories with the mothers in their lives.

“My favorite memories are of my mother baking fresh bread in the kitchen. The aromas would permeate every inch of the house, and my siblings and I would all come running into the kitchen to see what she was baking. Now, when I smell freshly baked bread, it always reminds me of my mom.” – Elaine, Content Marketing Associate

“One great thing about moms is that they always keep you afloat, both figuratively and literally. I am forever grateful to have her in my life.” – Adria, Customer Experience Manager

“#BrilliantMom. Where your mom shines so bright she overshadows her sons. Raising two boys (three if you include Augie dog) and kicking booty. Literally. My mom was the first person at our martial arts school to be awarded the rank of 4th-degree black belt (far surpassing my one) and has been training for 20 years. She’s an inspiration to us all and embodies determination, hard work, and a welcoming spirit. Well done mom. She is also an avid painter: @patriciaoji” – Kevin, Director of Business Operations.

“My mom is an optimist and always knows the right advice to give whenever I need it. My mom told me that if I’m ever stuck in a rut, take a trip somewhere and it will change my perspective on things. It keeps me from overthinking and she said it also changes my luck and good things will happen. Sounds a little eerie but I find it to be very true.” – Yvonne, Senior Marketing Communications Manager

“I’m grateful for my mom for molding me into the person I am today with her strength and creative thirst. She always knew when I needed the freedom to grow and the discipline to stick it through a challenge. ” – Justin, Co-Founder and CEO

Whether it’s your biological mother, your mother figure, the mother of your children, or a bestie who’s a mom, celebrate with us by sharing your own fond memories. What’s your fondest memory with mom? Tag us in your #BrilliantMom Instagram stories for a chance to be featured on Mother’s Day.

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